“Can you tell me who is around in spirit?” 
(S. K. Qld).

Mum comes in and she brings a very warm social energy being a good talker and with a very good dress sense. Coming from a large family, with lots of siblings, her mind feels very educated being both well read and knowledgeable of the world yet she never fulfilled her true potential.

Mum talks about an older sister who needs a hip operation and she is bringing love to her. Straight away I am feeling her caring nature. She was relieved to get into spirit talking about an illness, around the stomach with a cancer feeling that finally got her at the end. Mum says J for Joan and she shows me a walking stick at the end, getting out of your car on one side and waiting while you came around the car to help her out.

Susanna’s response

This is amazing because my mums name is indeed Joan and she passed over from suspected stomach cancer. She was both very social and well educated, though exactly as Sunny says never reached her potential. I used to drive her about and help her out of the car, with walking stick!!

Mum says ‘it was all hospital, tests, more hospital and tests “ they couldn’t make their minds up! Thanks for keeping me going love, for helping me shift the furniture at the end and for driving me around. I know everything left me feeling a bit short and irritable. I have my younger body back in spirit, have got my dancing shoes on again and am playing sport (tennis) again! I am always with you on your birthday after Christmas.”

She talks about a farming background, south of Auckland NZ milking cows and shows me a stuffed bear. Mum mentions your love of animals, horses that are around you and a sketch of one.

Mums passing feels recent and she give me 2005. She mentions that dad was there to meet her in spirit although he is in a different field. A July birthday comes around, possibly for dad. She says that dad says ‘sorry’ “ he had many regrets on his passing and says that he wasn’t always there for you on all levels even though he knows that you have forgiven him.

Susanna’s response

With tears in my eyes I read this as it is exactly true. The ongoing tests in hospital at the end, and me moving her and furniture out of her home and into the nursing home where she had her last months. My birthday is also straight after Christmas in early January! We grew up on a farm in Hawkes Bay, NZ South of Auckland and I have a great love of animals including my horse! Mum passed away in 2005 just as Sunny said! My father, whose birthday is the 25th July had already died some years earlier. He had a difficult life, but it is true, I have forgiven him. Absolutely accurate!

The spirits make me aware of extensive travel around the world with you back to the age of 22 including a trip to the USA. Someone from San Francisco comes in passing from HIV aids related to a Robbie/ Bobbie.

Mum talks about the twin that you lost as a miscarriage and that they are with her in spirit. She talks about a spirit leaving or arriving (birth) around you in 1997 and that they are very special. Mum didn’t buy into religion although with 20/20 vision from spirit, she is now amazed at your spirituality and the person you are. Proud is the word I feel!

Susanna’s response

Yes I’ve travelled a great deal since I was 22. I also had a lovely friend, Bobbie, from San Francisco, who I met in South Africa, who died of HIV aids. My twins, I lost in 2002, so happy am I to know they are with Mum as I think of them every day. And my incredibly special daughter, Rhodesia, was born in 1997. Mum was not religious and I feel absolutely blessed to know she can see me how I am now.

Sunny’s reading is incredibly accurate. It has helped me more than words can convey. I cannot thank him enough!