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Due to overwhelming demand, through positive client referrals and word of mouth, we are currently placing all face to face reading requests onto a 12-16 month waiting list. Please allow up to an hour and a half for your Face to Face consultation. Your investment is 180 dollars. Now in his sixties, Sunny has been reading for many decades, with a phenomenal word of mouth, so we do have literally thousands waiting each year. The sooner you put your name down on the list, the sooner you will be read!


Please fill in the booking form below, with special attention to your mobile details and your available days. We advise that prior to your submission you please read Sunny’s weekday availability, as stated directly underneath the booking form, so that you are familiar with the operational hours.


The bookings department will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your booking form to notify you that you have been placed on the waiting list. Within that 12 month waiting period, and 2 weeks before your reading is due to take place, we will contact you with a suggested date to fit in with your availability. As you will then be top of the waiting list, we will naturally hold your spot until a date that suits you has been arranged.

Sunny’s operational hours are

Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs-Friday-Sat-Sun – 1 pm – 4 pm

Please allow up to an hour and a half for your consultation.

Investment for Face to Face readings is 180 dollars.



    Clicking on the “Pay Now” Button below will take you to the PayPal site where you can pay. Either with a PayPal account or your own credit card (by using the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” option).

    NB: Warning – please do not pay until you have your booking date and time confirmed. Please be aware that if you pay at the time of sending in your booking form, then your payment may be lost in the system by the time your name reaches the top of the waiting list (12-16month in the future) when we contact you to offer a date & time.



    The reading will involve bringing forth messages from your relatives, friends or associates who have passed on into the world of spirit. Please take a moment to peruse Magazine transcripts if you wish to view more details of what you may experience during a sitting.

    Each reading is different and unique. As a medium, Sunny can not summon people from the spirit world and your loved ones will only communicate when and if possible. Sometimes the electromagnetic build up of psychic energy between Sunny the medium, the sitter (yourself) and the control guide’s aura is strong enough for the spirit mind to manifest and pour forth communications from the desired spirit person. Sunny finds that grief i.e. simply having a good cry during the session can greatly stimulate the psychic energy which is the link that holds the spirit person and strengthens their communication (imagine psychic energy as being a telephone line which brings the message).

    At other times the build-up of energy may not be strong enough but a relative may step in as an ‘enabler.’ An enabler (i.e. grandfather) may provide details about the loved one (i.e. child) in spirit.

    If you want to make contact with a loved one in the spirit world Sunny asks you to say a prayer the night before and ask with your heart that they may step forward and that the veil be lifted between this world and the next.

    To strengthen these connections Sunny asks you to bring a photograph of a loved one whom you may be especially keen to make contact with (Sunny may not look at the image but hold it to feel the psychic vibrations and connect with the spirit world). He will attempt at all times to be honest and open about the nature of the reading so that you, the recipient, will know how the communication is taking place. Should the psychic energy not be strong enough for Sunny to focus his consciousness upwards into the spirit world, Sunny will inform you and present the option of you having a psychic reading instead.


    Naturally many people may not wish to specifically contact a loved one in spirit and may not be grieving or desire contact with the spirit world. Instead, they may wish to contact a medium for a life reading or *assessment of their energies in order to gain clarity to life problems or situations that may be blocking their ability to make positive choices or take responsibility for the outcomes of these choices. Life has an uncanny habit of repeating situations that may mirror these unfavourable choices and over an extended period of time this may bring sadness, resentment or depression into one’s life.

    During such readings Sunny will focus his concentrated psychic energy into the client’s aura and describe conditions affecting work, relationships, property, or spirituality. Past, present and future events are examined and discussed, often with amazing clarity. Psychic energy bends outside lateral time and in accurately describing past events, while giving specific names/details, Sunny believes that this is the best way to validate the future or present a model of positive action in order to further pursue these outcomes. Energy blockages in the chakras caused through limiting or restricting thought patterns are often shifted or removed as part of this healing process. Colour analysis and interpretation of the aura is offered.

    assessment is the term used by practicing UK mediums to describe a colour analysis and interpretation of the auric field; this presents a sequeway into accurately describing past and present conditions surrounding the client while providing a lens to focus this into future outcomes. All aspects of health, life conditions and spirituality are covered.