Sunny Burgess offers the clearest Spirit communication and proof of survival mediumship that I have ever seen in Australia!“My name is Rev. Debbie McCahon and I have been involved in the Australian Spiritual movement for 24 years running services and travelling around doing platform work. I have seen and met a lot of Clairvoyants from Australia and overseas, but Sunny’s connection with spirit is astonishingly accurate and truly gives that proof of survival, so many people are searching for. One night recently Sunny was a guest at my service at Salisbury and he turned around and delivered my Grandmother and Grandfathers names and the name of the suburb in the Netherlands where my Grandfather was born. The township is called ‘Scheveningen’ and to my amazement, the pronunciation of both the town and their names was so good a Dutchman would think he was born there.I highly recommend Sunny to anyone in doubt about our survival beyond the physical.”
Debbie McCahon
(Justice of the Peace. Marriage Celebrant. Minister of Religion.)


Dear Sunny

I would like to thank you for the reading you gave me on Sunday (4th of February) during your public demonstration of mediumship at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre. My sister whom you accurately described as ‘forceful’ couldn’t wait to come through in the reading.

You provided 3 accurate dates including the 25th of April which was my mother’s birthday. You named places including Blackpool where my mother was born and connections with a town called Fleetwood and gave other details about the people whom you described including my relative who had an amputated leg.

You had an ‘F’ for my brother in law Fred and gave his sister’s name Mary as well as telling that we were 3 sisters, whose mother had an ulcerated leg that never healed for 20years.

The decider for me was when you said my sister was handing out rings. She willed my daughters and myself a ring each and I was wearing mine that night.

The accuracy what you told me was eerie and spooky but also comforting. My sister always said that she would be in touch if she could!!

Thank you again

Linda Allison
( address supplied)


Sunny has helped me get through one of the worst times I have ever encountered in my life. I was introduced to Sunny through a friend and had no idea what to expect when I went to meet him. Sunny has a very peaceful demeanor about him and you immediately feel calm in his presence. He only knew my first name and had no idea as to who I was hoping to connect with.

He began by talking about some past relatives and about their passing on. Then he started to talk about ‘head injuries’ and that ‘she’ had massive head injuries and that was how she died. He then described the accident in every detail possible, none of which he could have known. He was talking about my beautiful 14-year-old daughter who had been tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. Sunny talked a little more about her and how the accident came about, again none of this he could have known. He was even able to give her name and the exact date of her passing.

Thank you, Sunny for helping me through this terrible tragedy that my family has endured! I know you will go on to help many more people who need to contact their loved ones.

Helen Ferrari


Testimonial transcript of a public reading done at CWA Hall, Nutley Street, Caloundra on Sunday October 22nd 2006 in front of an audience of 50 people.

“I have the sense of a man here who took his own life in a car. I am seeing exhaust fumes filling the car. Can anyone in this hall place having lost such a gentleman – I believe a son – as he is calling out mum.”

A lady on the front row puts up her hand and acknowledges the connection.

‘Thank you. He is giving reference to the initial “A’ and now I am hearing the name Anthony.”

“Yes, that was my son’s name.”

“Thank you he is talking about being in his mid-thirties when he passed over and showing me a leather jacket.”

“Yes he was in his thirties and he always was remembered by his leather jacket.”

“Anthony is smiling, telling me it is very beautiful where he is now at. He tells me that he is at peace and much
of the heaviness in his mind has all gone away. He talks about being with his sister in the spirit world and gives reference to her being in her mid forties. Who is Helen?”

“Helen is his sister and she passed in her mid-forties.”

‘I feel Helen is around you strongly as well. She is glowing – all around the head. She talks about being in the hospital for some time before she passed over. Tests that were ongoing and some type of brain cancer or obstruction in this area that affected her personality a little at the end.”

“Yes, she passed from this condition. What you have told me is accurate.”

“They are talking about being with a grandfather in spirit who is from Edinburgh in Scotland. I can hear his Scottish accent. Who is James?”

“Yes that it is their grandfather and he came from Scotland.”

“Can you relate to the 31st of December?”

“Yes, that was his birth date.”

“You appear to be on your own tonight but your husband is still alive please.”

“Yes, he was when I left home!”

‘James is talking about you having to care for him – that he has been poorly of late. Is this correct?’


“The spirit world just want you to know that they love you dearly and that they are helping you and giving healing to your husband. They wish to say thank you for all you have done for your family and the love that you bring into peoples lives. God bless.”


“I have known Sunny Burgess for six years and, in that time, I have personally seen him work around many spiritual centres and public venues. Sunny is a gifted medium with a very good connection to spirit. I have heard him give evidence that can not be disputed, including information from spirit people as to their full names, streets where they lived when on earth, and their house numbers; also personal characteristics that relatives and friends are able to identify. Sunny is also a spiritual healer of great ability.”

Eunice Webster
Vice President, The Spiritual Church Brisbane


“Watching Sunny do a public demonstration is really a sight to see – he gives names, street names, the number of the house; he gives absolute proof of who he has with him! If anyone is looking for a genuine Medium for closure on a dearly beloved that has passed over, with reverence I highly recommend Sunny to anyone.”

Reverend Susan Harrison
Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
(name and address supplied)


“Sunny described the people in my immediate family – mother, father, grandparents- and gave their exact names which are foreign (Eastern European). He told me many things about their lives. He gave exact dates including their anniversaries and when things happened in my life. He described all my children, their ages, their sexes, things that have happened in their lives and again their exact ages when these things happened. I am very happy with my reading – it was very uplifting.”

Kathy Kidis


“I believe mediums should be able to give clear unequivocal evidence of life after death and in my view, Sunny is one of just a handful that are capable of doing this. With over 50 years experience in the field and having seen many scores of clairvoyants work, including the great Doris Stokes, Sunny Burgess would rate in the top 5. I’ve heard him do this any number of times and the message recipients’ joy very evident on their faces.


Peter Moore
Justice of the Peace (Com. Dec.)


“I can honestly say that in my opinion, Sunny is one of the most accurate mediums that it has ever been my experience to know. Twice at different public demonstrations, Sunny gave me both the birth and the death dates of my father and his brother, together with their names and information that no other person could know. He also gave me another wonderful message in private straight after the demonstration.

Some well-known mediums tend to fish for information but I have never heard Sunny do this.

I happily commend Sunny’s work to anyone needing his help.”

Reverend Valerie Peters


“I have watched Sunny work on numerous occasions. He is a wonderful medium who brings in specific information. During a personal reading, he told me the name of the town and village where my father was born in Ireland; also my fathers exact birth date.

Above all else Sunny seems to work with integrity, love and humour.”

Bev Greeny
Registered Nurse.


“I have seen Sunny work at numerous public demonstrations and his ability to accurately name my husband and other family members during one event was amazing. Sunny also named friends who my children were associated with and many activities that my late husband took the children to as well, including horse riding and the name of the local farmer where they went to feed the animals; also the name of my daughters horse that is in spirit. Truly a great reading!!”

Reverend Val Heward
(full address supplied)


“I thought Sunny did an excellent job naming many family and friends accurately who came through, seven all told, with accurate information that only I knew. Well worth attending the demonstration.”

(congregation member at Reverend Val’s church.)


“During the past 6 years, I have come to know Sunny through his platform work and guest speaker at the Spiritual Church I attend.

He never ceases to amaze people when giving readings especially when he brings forth a loved one from the other side and can describe them both in character and give their name. I have always found Sunny to be a gentle, compassionate and humble man with all the proceeds he earns from his readings and workshops going to his wonderful children’s charities.

Lynne Sommerville
Caboolture Christian Spiritual Church.