“Can you tell me who is around in spirit?” 

(P.M. Qld).

Both your grandmothers come in very close today and one brings me a broach as recognition. One of your grandmother’s feels as if she had a very strong personality “ she certainly wasn’t scared of speaking her own mind and could come across as a bit ˜forceful’! I can hear her laughing at my choice of words even now! She did give good advice and was very forthright. She mentions Arthur who comes around very close.

Grandma puts her arms around you and says ˜thanks for accepting me just as I was.’ She talks about dying at home and you finding her. Although her death is of no interest to her now, being at great peace in spirit, she does mention about problems around the stomach area, possibly a rupture with internal bleeding. ˜I don’t need the painkillers any more!’

Grandma now whispers the name Mary in my ear and when I repeat it she says ˜no my official title is ˜Margaret!’

Priscilla’s response

I have never had a reading so accurate. It’s amazing “ I did find my grandmother Margaret, who had a very strong personality, dead as described. I was very close to my grandmother who I believe is my guide and I can relate to the broach.

Grandma talks about her arthritic knee and that life was difficult in getting around at the end. She has been around the home and says ˜have you cleaned the carpets that you have been talking about recently?’ Grandma says ˜tell her about the book ˜Seat of the soul by Gary Zukoff!’

She makes me strongly aware of a daughter around you and draws my attention to a crystal sat on my table while saying ˜that is her name!’ She is strong, very independent but will always be very loyal to you.

Gran talks about how you have lost a child during a miscarriage and that he is now a boy who is growing up in the spirit world. An old pet dog attached to you when you were younger with scraggly hair over his eyes stands next to gran.

Priscilla’s response

Grandma had a sore knee and, yes, I had just the other day talked about cleaning the carpets! Amazingly I had just got the book Seat of the Soul 2 days before. Sunny really blew me away when he accurately gave my daughters name!!

I lost a child during a miscarriage and remember the old pet dog!

Gran makes me aware that you have seen a lot in your life, have worked around the land with fruit and made a big move a couple or so years ago. You are a very spiritual person and have a strong sense of intuition that has saved you life on at least one occasion, especially once while hitchhiking. There are positive changes coming around you in the next few years on all levels “ ˜keep on meditating and prepare yourself’ says gran. ˜You can do anything you wish for “ just allow your focus to gradually build up over the next few years. Look forwards and not back!’

Priscilla’s response

Yes my intuition has saved my life a few times and once while I was hitchhiking and Sunny picked my working around the land.

An amazing reading!! There was no way Sunny could have known all these things about me.