Can you tell me who is around in spirit?” 
(D. N. Qld).

Roy and Don come in as older friends. Both passed of cancer. Roy looked over at his dog when he passed into spirit and now says that his dog is with him. He loved walking outdoors. Says ‘hi’ to person with initial ‘J” that he has met in spirit“ she loved sport and shows many trophies.

Roy talks about being sick in 2002 and passing on April 20-21st not longer after. He loved fishing with his floppy hat. Was bald but now shows himself in spirit younger in mid 30’s with lighter coloured hair. ‘Thanks for keeping in touch.’ Roy wishes to mention Keith and give healing to his back.

Deb’s response

Unbelievable! Roy and Don were very close friends; both passed with cancer.

Roy’s best mate, his dog, passed after Roy and he would have been watching over him, just as Sunny said. The person with the ˜J’ initial is Jean – Roy’s wife.

After an illness with cancer, Roy passed on 21st April just as Sunny said .He loved fishing and I can still see him wearing and waving his floppy hat. We all loved and cared for Roy, and always kept in touch.

Keith is my partner and was suffering with bad back pain at the time of the reading.

Don wants to say “thank you for the care “ taking me to the doctors and all the support. It meant a lot.” He was a little confused with memory at the end. He has met up with his sister ‘I’ve sorted things out with her.’

He shows me your brick set home on 2 levels “”look out for a stray black and white cat coming soon!”

Deb’s response

It was very special and moving to get a message from Don – we helped him over many years with support when we could. Don was confused at the end. Wonderful to know he and his sister have sorted things out, they had not spoken in years. My home is as he described. A cat turned up as described 6 days after the reading! I haven’t seen a cat on my property in 8 years.

There is a man showing himself with white shirt/braces and hair in his ears. He is showing himself connected to dad with the initial ‘H’.

Both grandmothers are in spirit “ one passed a long time ago now with Charles and the other one passed recently. She is a very spiritual lady and her heart is full of kindness. She never complained but she battled illness at the end “Thanks for all your help and the support with the hospital trips. It was a great comfort.” She shows me her hanky which you keep in your handbag and says ‘thanks for drying my tears.’ She shows me her sparkling eyes. ‘Send my blessing and love to Sandy “ she is a beautiful soul.

Deb’s response

Sunny described my Great Uncle Harry, confirmed by his “hairy” ears I commented on as a young child!

Lovely to know my grandmother who passed 17 rears ago is with my grandfather Charles.

I returned home to help with hospital visits and to be with my grandmother when she passed exactly as Sunny described. Although my grandmother was unconscious she passed with a tear, I wiped this with her hanky and it is in my handbag. Sunny described my grandmother without a doubt, she gave unconditional love and had beautiful sparkling blue eyes.

Sandy (our beautiful sister) was born with cerebral palsy, a beautiful soul my grandmother loved.

Grandmother says ‘happy birthday in May!’ She talks about a fall near the end and laughs ˜I don’t need to use that walker frame where I am now.’

She has met Albert in spirit and talks about coming close with the smell of roses after her passing.

“One of your sons is living away.” She talks about the three sisters and mentions that you are the middle one. ‘I have also met Vera who mentions the beautiful rugs she crotched. She is in a very high place in the spirit world.”

Grandmother wishes to be remembered to a friend called Thelma, Kaye and great aunty Alice.

Grandmother shines in spirit “ a beautiful soul.

Deb’s response

My birthday is in May. My grandmother had a fall just after her 95th birthday; she had to use a walking frame towards the end, as her balance was affected. Amazingly we did smell roses just as Sunny stated after her passing!

One of my son’s lives away, I have 3 sisters and I am the middle one.

Vera (my partners Mum) was very close to me and the family and, yes, she did crotchet the beautiful rugs. I believe they would both be in a very high place! Thelma was a dear friend of my grandmothers for many years.

Sunny mentioned a special person in our lives Kaye, also my Great Aunty Alice.

Grandmother was a truly beautiful soul just as Sunny described.

Sunny’s accuracy with all the names and details was unbelievable “ it has given me so much comfort, truly uplifting to say the least!

Many thanks Sunny.