Trance seance

Trance Seance

Come and experience a form of mediumship rarely experienced in the world today. Set in a darkened, intimate séance room, with a small audience of around 15 people, Sunny will be seated in the cabinet and enter into a deep trance-sleep. As the ectoplasmic mist and etheric energy builds up in his inner aura, this will provide a power for spirit guides and relatives to overshadow Sunny. Set in a dim red light, audience members can participate in the opportunity to see their loved ones or the images of spirit beings appear over Sunny’s face or to one side.*

Afterwards, the light will be dimmed again and Sunny’s spirit guides and helpers will have the opportunity to speak through him while in the deep trance state. The topics of conversation will cover a diverse range of philosophical, metaphysical and life issues with opportunities presented for the attendees to ask questions. This may be followed by Sunny’s clairvoyant guide who will bring connections from loved ones to select members within the audience while bringing forth proof of survival and guiding messages.

Please send an email to to put your name down on the waiting list for an invitation to a trance séance.

*For the knowledgeable spiritualist, this is not transfiguration through the creation of an ectoplasmic mask, but merely the creation of a dense etheric particle energy field to facilitate overshadowment and the exercise of spontaneous subjective clairvoyance by participants.



There are 38 pieces of evidence confirmed during the course of the reading, including full names of those in spirit and street names/house numbers where they lived.

Trance Survival Evidence Reading

Presented by the spirit world through the medium Sunny Burgess

October 2010 at the Morningside Séance room.

Prior to this reading Sunny had given two philosophy readings in trance from the cabinet. When he returned to his seat in the group he once again slipped into a deep rapport in trance and brought spirit through with startling evidence for June Walker, and also another circle member.

He introduced the communicator as Gordon and the tone of voice; quick firing of facts and mannerisms was quite unlike Sunny in every way. Energy changes around the face were quite noticeable. The spirit information is given in darker italics and June’s reply is given in normal italics.

I bring Jack, his name was John.

My Uncle Jack, John Slinger who gave healings and worked with cabinet to give Trance readings etc.

Mr and Mrs Collins come too with John.

A couple from Edith and Jacks Home Circle in the 1950`s in Manchester.

Your Mother comes and her friend Doris. Also I am told to mention Mary and the surname of Harrison.

Can’t yet place Doris but Mary is my mother’s sister and often comes through. Harrison is the married name of another sister. I liked Harry Harrison.

Grandfather is working with you. Father is here too. John is mending shoes.

You have memories of the cobblers shop and the smell of leather. You thought it spooky didn’t you?

My Grandad has come through many times and also in my morning writings.

My Dad is also very close to me.

John Sanderson was my Dad’s Grandfather. He was a shoe-maker and boot repairer. My Dad mended all our shoes and would send me to the cobblers shop for leather. It was a small, dark and dingy place that smelt of polish and leather. I wasn’t keen on it and it did have a spooky feel!!

I give the names June earth side and Frank and James spirit side.

I’m June, brother is Frank and two friends called James passed and a James living.

I have to give Hargreaves St. and also no 147

I have just discovered through my research on ancestry that Hargreaves Street is where the older generations lived so that is excellent proof. We were at number 147!

There is also mention of a Carmody Street

I can’t yet place Carmody Street but I know there is a Canaby St in their area. The two words do sound almost identical in sound. I’m hoping these will help confirm the relatives I am researching on Ancestry.

There is also the surname of Lomas being shouted through -George Lomas if I am correct who comes with Margaret known as Maggie who had bad leg ulcers that gave her a lot of pain while down here.

Amazing! This is another great-grandfather George Lomas and his daughter Maggie!!

There are many family and friends who gather around you in the spirit world. The Robinsons wish to be mentioned to you my dear as does Arthur and Elsie Robinson. There is a Thomas, Alfred, William and another William and then one further back. Another Thomas too wishes to be remembered.

Unbelievable!! I was blown away as these are all the Robinson boys I’ve been tracking from the 1st WW. These are George’s brothers – dad’s uncles. One William is still alive. The other Thomas was their Grandfather.

There are memories of buying sweets at the corner shop. You also sold sweeties and lollies in a shop didn’t you?

Yes, we lived in newsagents that sold sweets, toys and tobacco. During the war we didn’t do sweets. They were rationed and we were too many kids. Dad took me to a little corner shop on Saturday night to get our sweet ration.

Your Dad has met up with a friend of his who was a gravedigger and told amusing stories.

This is only a vague memory. I will have to ask older family members.

There is another John down here around you and someone connected with the sea around him call William who would have been known as Bill.

This is my husband John. Bill was his brother who was in the merchant navy.

We see that you’ve had the feather duster out, cleaning up.

I actually used a feather duster to reach some cobwebs. I’ve been cleaning up for visitors.

Pennies from Heaven my dear!! Remember the penny that appeared from Spirit? You have many pennies from heaven that are true spiritual gifts. You need not worry about money, spirit will look after you.

A penny came into my aunt’s circle once as an apport, which is a materialisation from the spirit world. I also found a penny in my house and thought it must have come from one of the grandchildren. I have been very concerned about money to meet repairs of late.

There is mention also of John spirit side with lots of newspapers sat in the corner chair feet up reading the Daily Telegraph. He had a chest condition. He was careful with the pennies and counted them.

John my brother took over the shop when Dad died. He did have piles of newspapers and used to put his feet up while reading the Daily Telegraph. We counted the pennies into pound rolls and sold them to the local shops for change. John had to be careful with money. He had a lung condition.

Simon is coming into the light. We are working with him now.

Simon is my sisters Grandson. My Sister is a spiritualist.

There is a Paul, living in London. He has a fish tank. He’s got a sick fish. It’s flapping about. It might even be spirit side of life now.

Paul is my son in London. I phoned next day and he was struck dumb because the fish had just died and he was just talking about it.

There is healing coming your way from spirit for your knees and ankles.

I ask daily for healing. At present my joints are active with rheumatoid arthritis due to the weather

To get so many true facts one after the other was proof beyond doubt. The proof of seeing what’s going on around me was amazing too. Thank you Spirit, Thank you Sunny.

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Grey Eagle speaks 

Sunny’s awareness is deeply displaced as one of his main control’s, Grey Eagle, takes over his voice box. Voice intonation,  mannerisms and syntax is completely different from a typical speech delivery, which can be compared to Sunny’s standard oration on other YouTube productions.