Trance Seance


Grey Eagle speaks

Sunny’s awareness is deeply displaced as one of his main controls,
Grey Eagle, takes over his voice box.  Voice intonation, mannerisms
and syntax is completely different from a typical speech delivery,
which can be compared to Sunny’s oratory on other YouTube productions.

Patrick shares his wisdom in the Seance room

Brother Francis shares his philosophy


There are 38 pieces of evidence confirmed during the course of the reading, including full names of those in spirit and street names/house numbers where they lived.

Trance Survival Evidence Reading

Presented by the spirit world through the medium Sunny Burgess

October 2010 at the Morningside Séance room.

Prior to this reading Sunny had given two philosophy readings in trance from the cabinet. When he returned to his seat in the group he once again slipped into a deep rapport in trance and brought spirit through with startling evidence for June Walker, and also another circle member.

He introduced the communicator as Gordon and the tone of voice; quick firing of facts and mannerisms was quite unlike Sunny in every way. Energy changes around the face were quite noticeable. The spirit information is given in darker italics and June’s reply is given in normal italics.

I bring Jack, his name was John.

My Uncle Jack, John Slinger who gave healings and worked with cabinet to give Trance readings etc.

Mr and Mrs Collins come too with John.

A couple from Edith and Jacks Home Circle in the 1950`s in Manchester.

Your Mother comes and her friend Doris. Also I am told to mention Mary and the surname of Harrison.

Can’t yet place Doris but Mary is my mother’s sister and often comes through. Harrison is the married name of another sister. I liked Harry Harrison.

Grandfather is working with you. Father is here too. John is mending shoes.

You have memories of the cobblers shop and the smell of leather. You thought it spooky didn’t you?

My Grandad has come through many times and also in my morning writings.

My Dad is also very close to me.

John Sanderson was my Dad’s Grandfather. He was a shoe-maker and boot repairer. My Dad mended all our shoes and would send me to the cobblers shop for leather. It was a small, dark and dingy place that smelt of polish and leather. I wasn’t keen on it and it did have a spooky feel!!

I give the names June earth side and Frank and James spirit side.

I’m June, brother is Frank and two friends called James passed and a James living.

I have to give Hargreaves St. and also no 147

I have just discovered through my research on ancestry that Hargreaves Street is where the older generations lived so that is excellent proof. We were at number 147!

There is also mention of a Carmody Street

I can’t yet place Carmody Street but I know there is a Canaby St in their area. The two words do sound almost identical in sound. I’m hoping these will help confirm the relatives I am researching on Ancestry.

There is also the surname of Lomas being shouted through -George Lomas if I am correct who comes with Margaret known as Maggie who had bad leg ulcers that gave her a lot of pain while down here.

Amazing! This is another great-grandfather George Lomas and his daughter Maggie!!

There are many family and friends who gather around you in the spirit world. The Robinsons wish to be mentioned to you my dear as does Arthur and Elsie Robinson. There is a Thomas, Alfred, William and another William and then one further back. Another Thomas too wishes to be remembered.

Unbelievable!! I was blown away as these are all the Robinson boys I’ve been tracking from the 1st WW. These are George’s brothers – dad’s uncles. One William is still alive. The other Thomas was their Grandfather.

There are memories of buying sweets at the corner shop. You also sold sweeties and lollies in a shop didn’t you?

Yes, we lived in newsagents that sold sweets, toys and tobacco. During the war we didn’t do sweets. They were rationed and we were too many kids. Dad took me to a little corner shop on Saturday night to get our sweet ration.

Your Dad has met up with a friend of his who was a gravedigger and told amusing stories.

This is only a vague memory. I will have to ask older family members.

There is another John down here around you and someone connected with the sea around him call William who would have been known as Bill.

This is my husband John. Bill was his brother who was in the merchant navy.

We see that you’ve had the feather duster out, cleaning up.

I actually used a feather duster to reach some cobwebs. I’ve been cleaning up for visitors.

Pennies from Heaven my dear!! Remember the penny that appeared from Spirit? You have many pennies from heaven that are true spiritual gifts. You need not worry about money, spirit will look after you.

A penny came into my aunt’s circle once as an apport €“ a materialisation from the spirit world. I also found a penny in my house and thought it must have come from one of the grandchildren. I have been very concerned about money to meet repairs of late.

There is mention also of John spirit side with lots of newspapers sat in the corner chair feet up reading the Daily Telegraph. He had a chest condition. He was careful with the pennies and counted them.

John my brother took over the shop when Dad died. He did have piles of newspapers and used to put his feet up while reading the Daily Telegraph. We counted the pennies into €œrolls€ and sold them to the local shops for change. John had to be careful with money. He had a lung condition.

Simon is coming into the light. We are working with him now.

Simon is my sisters Grandson. My Sister is a spiritualist.

There is a Paul, living in London. He has a fish tank. He’s got a sick fish. It’s flapping about. It might even be spirit side of life now.

Paul is my son in London. I phoned next day and he was struck dumb because the fish had just died and he was just talking about it.

There is healing coming your way from spirit for your knees and ankles.

I ask daily for healing. At present my joints are active with rheumatoid arthritis due to the weather

To get so many true facts one after the other was proof beyond doubt. The proof of seeing what’s going on around me was amazing too. Thank you Spirit, Thank you Sunny.



Why trance control’ and not just trance?’ What is the difference?

A medium can be in trance without being controlled. That is to say that the conscious mind may be suspended and sub consciousness suppressed in a suggestive almost hypnotic state without being controlled’ by a spirit entity. Trance control is the state that mediums develop with their guides with an express purpose of bringing intelligent and meaningful communication from the spirit world through their voice box or hands and into the physical world.

Trance control and spiritual philosophy

Firstly let us begin by describing the different applications of trance control. Trance control for bringing forward beautiful words of spiritual philosophy from the spirit world is common and well known under this strand of mental mediumship. With trance control for bringing forward philosophy, or inspired words, the medium gives the main guide permission to take control of his mental faculties. The guide is not normally a deceased relative but someone of higher knowledge who has studied specifically in the astral worlds to fulfil this purpose. Well known guides who spoke through their mediums to teach philosophy and spiritual truths were the illustrious Silver Birch’ who trance controlled his medium Maurice Barbanell and Chan’ who taught through his medium Ivy Northage.

Silver Birch Maurice Chan’ Ivy
 silver-birch  maurice  chan  ivy

The main guide shares his personality which may include a name or background history, and supplies the concepts or ideas that are spoken out aloud. Auxiliary guides when required may add to these words or concepts by drawing upon a wider collective pool of consciousness. As part of this team other guides may work on the medium’s throat chakra or make magnetic passes to other chakras to help bolster psychic energy. This helps to hold the main guide who is supplying the knowledge and promotes a flow through of energy streams as their auras blend together.

Trance control of this nature ordinarily occurs in small circles which is conducive for best results and the medium’s sustained development over an extended period. While the medium’s psychic energy reserves may be bolstered by drawing magnetic energy from the ground there is also a large pool of psychic energy drawn from the sitters and directed towards the developing sensitive. Power is often collected by the spirit controls from the rays emitted from each sitter’s hands and extracted from the feet whereby frequently bringing a tingling sensation to the sitter’s toes. These rays coalesce in the centre of the circle as intense colours which swirl into a vortex, often visible to those sitters with clairvoyance, before being directed at the chakras or forehead of the medium. Naturally the stronger the cohesion and mutual accord between the sitters then the more easily this energy can build.

Trance control for survival evidence

helen-hughesSecondly, trance control has been used throughout the ages for bringing through survival evidence. Helen Hughes, who was undoubtedly one of the finest exponents of trance communication who ever lived, occasionally did seances in India where she would start conversing in English and then slip into trance while bringing detailed evidence of the sitter’s dear departed in Hindi. You can well imagine the startled look of expression on the sitter’s faces as this was a language which she had no prior knowledge of!

Bertha Harris was another renowned war time trance medium who brought a wealth of evidence through her private trance sittings. One such occasion was documented by Arthur Findlay and the complete transcript is available at the appendix of his book “On the Edge of the Ether” (1936). Bertha Harris gave ninety-six facts in the sitting and not one single statement was incorrect or even doubtful. The book also contains a full transcript of a reading given to Arthur Findlay by the medium Mrs. Abbot where ninety-two facts were given, none of these which she could have known as the reading was conducted in complete anonymity. Typically during these private sittings the mediums would start talking and slip into trance quickly. The rapport they had with spirit was extremely strong and they were overcome with great mental confidence and feeling as the spirit guide took a hold on their aura. The depth of these feelings would grow within seconds as the vibration of each word spoken in a progressively hypnotic state would deepen the passive trance communication. The medium would often vacillate between full awareness of what was being spoken, to deeper rhythms of mental displacement, which would create an impression to the mind that it had distanced itself from the sound of its’ own voice, often through a spatial separation across the room or from distilling an underwater quality to the vocal intonation. Displacement from the sound of one’s voice hallmarks a very deep level of trance, which may affect the medium in differing degrees, although completely zoning out of certain words or sentences as an aspect of partial awareness would only be experienced under very rare conditions.


The Association for the Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival (AECES) have compiled a collection of cases called “The Survival Top 40.” The brilliant American trance medium Mrs. Lenore Piper, (see photo) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, gave phenomenal evidence of the continuity of consciousness after death in her numerous private trance sittings.

Two such transcripts of readings entitled “Friends and Strangers” (case number 8 in the survival top 40) and “Uncle Jerry’s Watch” (case number 37) are to be found on the website

Trance control for drawing (survival evidence).

Another manifestation of trance control, other than through talking, is drawing (psychic art). Spirit artists while in a state of trance are able to bring in detailed drawings of those family members passed into the spirit world. Spirit artists do not come any more developed or gifted than Coral Polge who passed away in 2001 after fifty four dedicated years of service to those in the spirit world. Examples of her stunning work can be viewed on

Stephen O’Brien, with whom she worked many times, wrote after her passing €œHuge crowds of people sat entranced, from out of nowhere, their loved ones’ faces appeared again before their tearful eyes. Mourners were comforted and broken hearts were mended.


The son of Mrs Bayles who died while having an operation
 mrs-b-son-1  mrs-b-son-2

Trance control for painting

Spirit painting in the styles of the old masters is another strand of psychic art of which stunning evidence has been produced in the world. Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, a psychologist from Brazil is able to go into trance and paint in the style of a wide range of famous discarnate painters such as Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Modigliani, Manet, Van Gogh, and Gauguin. Gasparetto doesn’t just paint exact replicas of existing paintings but also new motifs rendered in easily recognizable individual styles of these discarnate artists.

During these séances all the studio lights are often turned off except for one little red light over the paper (red so that he cannot distinguish colour) and the masterpieces are produced with relative ease. During odd occasions Gasparetto has been observed painting two different canvases simultaneously with two hands while doing one upside down under the table with his right foot! Loyd Auerbach who was present at one of the demonstrations writes: “The climax of the demonstration was when he did four paintings at once: one with each hand, one with each bare foot (these being done under the table at which he was seated), while his eyes were closed and while carrying on a conversation. Each of the four paintings, by the way, was supposedly by a different one of the spirit artists that were being channelled (and they were, in fact, in four distinct styles that an art expert confirmed as belonging to the named artists).”

Videos of Gasparetto in action are also available on the YouTube.

José Medrado, another world renowned trance painter who paints in the style of the old masters, can also be seen at work on the YouTube at the Josegosschalk centre in Holland.

Trance control for Ambulation.

When blending between spirit and medium becomes so close, after many years of co-operation on both sides, then the spirit world knows the medium so well in both thought and action. When spirit captures’ the instrument’s attention and puts a hold on the mind with consent and co-operation, they are able, through their thoughts, to become’ the medium, just as when the blending is so refined the medium becomes’ them. For a period of time gordonthey are almost able to take over the medium’s mind and are able to guide him to walk around with eyes closed. This is to either specifically demonstrate the power and proximity of their relationship or to enable the sensitive to hold the trance state while moving to bring healing to a person sat elsewhere.

Both Judith Seaman and Gordon Higginson are two mediums who have been reliably witnessed being able to walk around in an audience or darkened room with eyes closed and never stumble or bump into anyone! Gordon Higginson (see photo of a young Gordon) used to walk down the stairs from the rostrum, while avoiding plant pots and various other obstacles in this particular state!

It is understood that Gordon practiced trance control for ambulation for a long time before this was successful. Again, there has been reported that out of a team of spirit operators there is often one guide able to blend more closely and influence the motor control faculties of the medium’s body. As with intuitive’ psychography, the power of thought and attunement between the two minds is so strong that the medium often has the sensation of the body or hand being moved and controlled by the spirit entity.

Trance Control for Writing

Although the term automatic writing or psychography has been liberally applied to umbrella most forms of trance writing, it must be mentioned that automatic writing in its authentic form is a phenomenon which belongs to physical mediumship. The medium enters into a trance-like state while holding the pen and waits for the words to come onto the paper, as opposed to waiting for the words to come into his mind, where he would simply be seen to direct the pen through a mental reflex, or an urge to write. This phenomenon of automatic writing, where the medium’s hand is moved physically and independently to the mental faculties of his mind, is achieved through ectoplasm that is made manifest in an invisible etheric or visible physical form.

At the close of Chapter 5, we mentioned ectoplasm and how spirits use it to talk by coating their larynx in their etheric body. We provided a link to one of the world’s leading websites, which explains this phenomenon, while also showing a photograph of what ectoplasm looks like. During the production of automatic writing, the spirit control coats their etheric hand with this ectoplasmic substance, which is often invisible, and moves the pen, which is balanced in the medium’s hand, through using the psychic or telekinetic force that is built up around the medium’s body.

Allan Kardec (1804-1869), the forefather of Spiritism and author of the Medium’s Book’, classifies writing in both it’s automatic (physical) and it’s mental phases as different and distinct strands of ‘psychography’; this helps to avoid much of the confusion between these two disciplines that is normally encountered with erroneous cross-labelling. Spiritism, which is the Latin-American equivalent of spiritualism, classifies automatic writing as either mechanical psychography or semi-mechanical psychography.

With mechanical psychography spirit takes full control of the medium’s arm where he may occupy the time paying attention to something else, such as reading or watching T.V., while his arm writes independently. Mechanical psychography is a very rare phenomenon, which may see extraordinary reproductions of literary genius far exceeding the medium’s subconscious knowledge. The Brazilian medium, Carmine Mirabelli, (1889-1951) was a classic example of someone who excelled in mechanical psychography while writing foreign languages of which he had no prior knowledge (also known as automatic xenography). Certified scripts are available of these literary wonders including those written in Hebrew, Latin, Japanese, Arabic, Albanian, Indian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Chinese and many more foreign languages that were totally unknown to Mirabelli. More incredulous was Mirabelli’s ability to write two texts simultaneously in different languages using both hands! While in this physical trance, with his mind seemingly frozen and not animated or enlivened as with mental trance, his eyes remained directed upwards and focused on a distant point.

The famous Victorian medium Elizabeth Hope, also known as Madam D’Esperance, described the various phases of authentic automatic writing or mechanical psychography as a tingling, prickling, aching sensation in my arm, as one feels if one strikes one’s elbow; then a numb swollen sort of feeling which extended to my finger tips. My hand became quite cold and without sensation, so that I could pinch or nip the flesh without feeling any pain. After a few minutes the hand began to move slowly and laboriously, imitating the motions of writing; it made repeated attempts to form letters and after a while, succeeded in writing a few large ill-formed, ill-spelled words. Another attempt resulted in a decided improvement; the sensations in my hand and arm, though not painful, were decidedly unpleasant, so that in spite of my curiosity to see what would come of the writing, I was not sorry to have a stop put to it by the clock warning us that we had to stop.€

Madam D’Esperance went on to develop this gift to a very advanced degree and reported that sometimes she would write quickly and steadily for two hours at a stretch. By sensations in her hand and arm she was soon able to distinguish the different controls; no two used the pencil in the same way as some gripped it more tightly than others. Sometimes the writing would go from right to left and a mirror would be needed to read it as though the controlling or influencing power operated from underneath the hand.

Madam D’Esperance had many scientists, including chemists and botanists, who sat at these seances and who all posed a variety of specialised questions to the spirits who jackcontrolled the pen. Occasionally some of these answers were able to instruct these academics in their highly specific field of expertise, much to their amazement!

The second manifestation of automatic writing, semi-mechanical psychography, allows the medium to keep some kind of relative control over his hand or arm while still aware of a foreign influence on its movement. This type of spirit control writing presents mediums, who have often written voluminous amounts of published material in bestselling books, the advantage of more flexibility. For example, the medium is fully aware of what is being written and can stop, when desired, to turn the page or rest. Semi-mechanical psychography also offers a similar degree of reliability and provable authenticity, which is experienced with the purely mechanical variety. One of the most gifted mediums who ever lived, and who purportedly worked with semi-mechanical psychography, was Chico’ Xavier (photo above). Born Francisco Candido Xavier in Brazil (1910 – 2002), Chico brought countless messages from spirits to their loved ones in the form of letters and short notes.

So prolific was Chico’s rapport and complete trance control, that he was often able to sign off the letter in the exact signature of a loved one after bringing compelling proof of their existence while on Earth. Now spirit contact doesn’t come any better than that!

The spirit guide, a discarnate surgeon called André Luiz, spent two years attuning himself to Chico before channelling a wealth of information in a series of books concerning life in the astral worlds and the lower realms.

robert-hugh-bensonThe spirit of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson attuned himself to the trance medium Anthony Borgia (photo to the left) and wrote a series of books, including the highly acclaimed Life in the Worlds Unseen.’ Interestingly, these were Benson’s way of putting the record straight after he had ridiculed and disparaged the spiritualists for their beliefs while he worked on Earth as a clergyman.

The other form of psychography, which is not automatic but sourced through the mental faculties of subconsciousness, is referred to as intuitive’ or inspirational.’ Here the sensitive waits for the words to come into his mind, rather than independently of his mental faculties as with automatic writing. This is by far the most popular type of psychography, which the vast majority of mediums are capable of developing, for the mechanical varieties are indeed very rare.

Spiritism makes the distinction that intuitive’ psychography involves a more concrete delivery of information from spirit, whereas inspirational’ may see the medium inspired by the context of the subject under discussion, but not the actual words. With the latter, the medium may be inspired’ to receive vague mental impressions of the discourse, which she will write in her own words in a manner that is very difficult to tell apart from her regular thinking process. Although there have been many spiritualists who interchange the meaning of inspiration’ for intuitive,’ we are going to stick to the Spiritist definition of intuitive’ psychography in the context of the following explanation.

Intuitive psychography is less reliable than its mechanical automatic forms and stands more chance of being blemished by the medium’s subconscious beliefs or thinking patterns. As we take this into consideration, it is advisable, that in the long term course of its development, the medium must take a sensible approach and receive some type of validation. This may come through either survival evidence from a sitter’s relative, or unknown facts outside the medium’s knowledge that pertains directly to the topic being written about, to prove that it is an authentic transference from a spirit mind and not just the wild imaginings of the instrument’s subconscious mind, as is very often the case.

During intuitive psychography, the subconsciousness may translate the spirit’s words into a richer vocabulary or a better syntax before writing them down. However, this may weaken the control over time and interfere with aspects of the communication. In its advanced form the medium may be deeply controlled in a state of conscious trance and write sentences whose words are unchanged from those being dictated by the spirit control. Although the medium must apply some degree of mental concentration throughout to keep the subconscious mind suspended in a state of passive detachment, it can be seen that spirits, who have very strong holds on their mediums, may use this method to replace automatic writing when the build up of psychic power is not so readily available for this form. There have been some noteworthy instances where spirit has used gifted mediums, including the talented Gladys Osborne, to utilise the automatic and intuitive methods alternatively during any given sitting.

The extent, if any, to which the world’s most prolific spirit authors and automatists have used a collaboration of mechanical and non mechanical psychography to write their books, over a period of time, is not widely known.

All the above information is taken from the first part of the “Trance Control” chapter – €œThe Little Big Book on Psychic Mediumship€ by Sunny Burgess available as
an e-book.

For further reading on trance development please download
the e-book.