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Nadine Sue H Marsha Barbara Susanna Maureen
Debbie Sue C Rosemary Afton Priscilla

Introduction and welcome

Sunny wishes to thank all those involved in this project for so generously sharing their time and love.

The information supplied by Sunny is written in darker text and the recipient’s response is typed in blue.

At the foot of each reading is a signed statement from each recipient to personally vouchsafe that Sunny knew nothing of their background and was not personally known to them at the time of the reading.

Some of these stories are incredible in the clarity of detail they provide. It is the sincere hope that you may walk away from this encounter feeling truly inspired, assuaged of any grief you may be carrying, and uplifted in the knowledge that life after death is not just a fanciful belief but that it is indeed a reality.

Love and blessings