Audience mediumship demonstration.
Kedron Wavell Services Club.  Wednesday 29th May 2019, 7.30pm.

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Loved ones return

Commencing early 2019. Starting date to be arranged

Come and experience a form of mediumship rarely experienced in the world today. Set in a darkened, intimate séance room, with a small audience of around 15 people, Sunny will be seated in the cabinet and enter into a deep trance sleep. As the ectoplasmic mist and etheric energy builds up in his inner aura, this will provide a power for spirit guides and relatives to overshadow Sunny. Set in a dim red light, audience members can participate in the opportunity to see their loved ones or the images of spirit beings appear over Sunny’s face or to one side.*

Afterwards the light will be dimmed again and Sunny’s spirit guides and helpers will have the opportunity to speak through him while in the deep trance state. The topics of conversation will cover a diverse range of philosophical, metaphysical and life issues with opportunities presented for the attendees to ask questions. This may be followed by Sunny’s clairvoyant guide who will bring connections from loved ones to select members within the audience, while bringing forth proof of survival and guiding messages.

Please send an email to to put your name down on the waiting list for an invitation to a trance séance.

*For the knowledgeable spiritualist, this is not transfiguration through the creation of an ectoplasmic mask, but merely the creation of a dense etheric particle energy field to facilitate overshadowment and the exercise of spontaneous subjective clairvoyance by participants.

Metaphysical Tarot course- from novice to intermediate.


This course is designed to cater from all student ranges, from beginner to more advanced, and will use the standard Rider Waite tarot cards. The Marseilles tarot deck and its application to tarology will be discussed towards the end of the course.

The course is comprised of both practical and theoretical components. It is carefully crafted to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing atmosphere for each student to explore and achieve their highest potential. Sunny’s teaching approach is highly creative, and the group, small in size and consisting of 12 students, will have ample opportunities to explore the cards through simple spreads during 1:1 student readings. The potential to explore diversity in meaning to allow intuition and psychic ability to flourish is encouraged at all times. After 1:1 reading time, the group will come together to discuss the various interpretations of individual spreads. This will enable the material to be better synthesised and digested into each students working memory.

Each student will be provided with course materials and their own tarot theory book, compiled by Sunny. This will make the transition into doing 1:1 readings both fun and as easy as ABC.

Please send an email to to put your name on the waiting list or to ask Sunny further questions.  The opportunities afforded by this course to study and become an accomplished tarologist will both open a valuable door way to lifelong learning and simultaneously develop a fascinating, life changing philosophy.