I was born, Clark Burgess, in England during the early 1960’s and only took on the name Sunny in memory of a partner who passed into spirit.

Fond memories recall a childhood that was spent roaming the fields close to home, climbing majestic oak trees and playing with imaginary friends. In the old Victorian house where our family lived, I experienced many ghostly visitations as a young boy, which left me with a hand tremor. Although an electroencephalograph test at the age of 6 ruled out epilepsy, which my grandfather suffered from, I now realise that my hands shook because of an acute sensitivity caused through what i sensed and saw in that old house.

While this aspect of sensitivity was closed down during my teenage and early adult years, which saw extensive travel worldwide, I once again picked up the connection in my late twenties as I embraced the teachings of spiritualism.

In a wider pursuit of this wonderful philosophy, I spent many visits at the Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) studying the finer mechanics of mediumship. Learning to feel spirit first, rather than striving to see or hear, was the greatest gift those mediums taught me.
Demonstrations assessed by these very knowledgeable and gifted mediums proved to be a great way to learn and keep my ego in check!

After serving at Spiritualist National Union (S.N.U) churches in the UK and in Melbourne, Australia, as a platform- demonstrating medium during the 1990’s, I arrived in tropical Brisbane, Queensland, in 1998. Here I worked for 8 years around the spiritualist churches and was often booked for nearly 40 appearances a year. This proved to be the real training ground as many of these churches were not spiritualist but New Age and weren’t conversant with survival evidence. It taught me to believe more in what I was doing, and focus on the people whom spirit wanted to connect with, rather than trying to be a people- pleaser and give everyone a message. The feelings and voice of spirit should always come first.

In 2006 I left my full time job as a state registered school teacher to commit to full-time international telephone and face-to-face reading while also taking mediumship out to a wider public audience through the spirit listener shows.’ During this time I demonstrated on radio and was awarded the 2007 International Medium of the Year award (Link). Appearances began to grow at many Returned Services League (R.S.L.) clubs, halls and theatres up and down the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane, where I demonstrated my psychic gifts to audiences both large and small.

Making this work my life is a passion. It is all about trying to honour those in the spirit world who want to move their thoughts and feelings from spirit consciousness and through the ethers to their loved ones. It is a medium’s job to try and learn how to be passive to strip back the many layers of ego that want the memory of this energy for itself and to recognize that it is a sacred encounter between the family member in spirit and the person still alive, who is receiving the message. The person receiving a message has to feel safe, valued and comfortable enough to express their grief which can then open up a deep channel into the spirit world. Any emotion beholden to grief greatly stimulates the psychic energy during a sitting.

I feel very blessed to be able to bring comfort of a sort to those whose loved ones have gone before them. The spirit shows have been a wonderful opportunity to give back to humanity. The aid programs that I run have already raised countless tens of thousands of dollars for charities and humanitarian projects around Australia and worldwide.