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Below is an extensive list of gifted and genuine national and international mediums

Australian Mediums

Queensland Mediums
Jane is a brilliant psychic medium who has graduated from the acclaimed Richard Unger’s International Institute of Hand Analysis. After years of study in these arcane sciences at the Unger Hand Institute, Jane now combines these psychic gifts of natural clairvoyance, together with palmistry, to help empower you in all aspects of your life. Expect to leave transformed! Jane is personally endorsed by James Van Praagh as a practitioner on his website.
With over 40 years experience in the mental health field, Bev offers spiritual psychotherapy and healing sessions. Bev’s work and healing empowers the client to embrace subtle energy shifts, which may ultimately lead to profound life- changing experiences.
Bev is an accomplished public demonstrating psychic medium, with many years experience.
She has completed extensive worldwide studies in fields of occultism and psychic science. Bev offers mediumship and psychic readings in a relaxed and healing environment.

Queensland Healers
Mark is one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets! I recommend Mark as an amazing healer, and he has fixed me for all my hip, back and neck problems.

Mark has many years experience to help you with your health concerns.  Mark uses  Craniosacral Therapy, Structural Alignment ( hip/back/neck), Cupping, Tuina massage, Bowen Therapy, and Reiki. Mark became a Reiki Master in 1990 and has been a registered Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine since 1998.

For 5 years Mark lectured at Australian College Natural Medicine in Chinese Medicine. This included acupuncture, philosophy, Chinese nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medical pathology, and was a Clinic Supervisor for final year students.

Mark has been fortunate to study with great masters in Australia, Nepal and Vietnam. He has seen thousands of patients and has become adept with many western and eastern healing methods.  Mark has also studied spirituality and meditation methods of self realization with the guidance of great masters from Tibet, India and Burma, in the Dzogchen and Vipassana mindfulness traditions.

New South Wales Mediums
Christine is an accomplished medium with vast international experience and training. She has developed as a classical medium and provides sound teaching structures to those who wish to grow and develop their gifts.
Michael is a gifted and highly accurate survival evidence medium. He has a powerful energy and brings wonderful healing with his messages
Marilyn Whall is an excellent survival evidence medium who is available for phone readings, group bookings, personal readings and public demonstrations. Marilyn is contactable on +61 404 456 363 or, alternatively, check out her web site on the link above. She lives in Ermington, NSW and comes highly recommended on the James Van Praagh website.
Catherine is dedicated to helping others through her work as a medium and delivers messages from loved ones in spirit with a high level of accuracy, evidence, honesty, compassion and detail.

Catherine has been publicly reading for many years now and has built up a strong client base worldwide but predominantly reads for US clients, using her ability to bridge the gap between this world and the next for them, to bring healing and pass on validating messages from their loved ones in spirit.

Spirit Artists
Sandy is based in the UK. She works in a deep trance control, which facilitates the accuracy of her ability to draw people’s spirit family with astounding detail. Check out her website gallery below to see examples of her wonderful work
Marie is an accomplished Australian spirit artist who is able to produce portraits, with an astonishing likeness, of your family loved ones who have passed into spirit. Please check out her website to see examples of her wonderful spirit portraiture, proving human survival beyond the veil of death.

International Mediums
The James Van Praagh on line community offers a vast array of resources to help those who are grieving to understand mediumship and spirituality, including recommended reading practitioners from around the world.
James Van Praagh shot to fame as a medium in Australia ten years ago with the screening of his show “Beyond” on Channel 9. This featured audience members who were selected for personal readings. James is the co-producer of “Ghost Whisperer” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and whose real life story the show is based on.
Gordon Smith was personally endorsed by the late Albert Best who was one of the greatest mediums to ever grace the planet. Gordon’s compassion and healing energy that he brings through words of elevated spirit communication are truly inspiring.
Stephen, a very gifted survival evidence medium, has considerable experience and shares his vast knowledge in this website.


Below is an extensive list of world’s best practice resources to access training, education and individual development within psychic and mediumistic fields.
This is a unique opportunity to receive personal tuition and mentorship from this highly acclaimed and revered medium with over forty years experience. Having been trained herself by Gordon Higginson, the colossus of Spiritualism, Mavis recognises how important personal support and encouragement is in the development of psychic and mediumistic faculties.
I personally know many people who have undertaken Mavis’s mentorship programs, and their mediumship has unfolded exponentially.
Judith has compiled an excellent set of CD’s, which are an invaluable aid to the student of mediumship. They cover a wide range of disciplines, including exercises for the development of perceptive mediumship, physical mediumship and trance control for healing. Judith has many decades of experience in Spiritualism, including having held the office of President of the Spiritualist National Union.
There are many fantastic products and teaching aids on this site, honouring Glyn Edwards who is well loved and remembered by many within spiritualism as a world renowned medium, teacher and author who worked closely with Gordon Higginson for many years. This site includes a series of CD’S which develop a medium’s ability to sit in the power. From beginner to advanced level, these CD’s have established am international reputation within spiritualism’s field of best teaching practice. Together with the books and teaching courses, they constitute an essential component to a medium’s pathway of developmental progression.
I cannot think of a finer deep trance medium or clairaudient medium alive on the planet today than Eileen Davies. The calibre of her work has to be witnessed to be believed.
This is a unique opportunity to obtain regular coaching, tutoring and mentoring weekends over a twelve to fourteen month period. Eileen has many years experience in this field and teaches regularly at the Arthur Findlay College, Kingswells House and Banyan Retreat.
This programme is for mediums who have started their journey of discovery and is aimed at intermediate level students and is not suitable for beginners. Total commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are all prerequisites for you to be accepted, especially to timescales, dates and deadlines. You must have a clear understanding of your needs.
Gordon Higginson was arguably the most connected medium in the latter half of the 20th century in respect to his mastery over all forms of mental and physical mediumship. Bestowed the title ˜Mr Mediumship’ by his peers, this unique tribute website not only contains some archive video footage of his public demonstrations but also contains many audio resources that are invaluable to mediumship education. These are absolutely priceless!
Martin Twycross (CSNU) is a passionate and hard working medium who has compiled a wonderful selection of teaching resources. These mediumship DVD’S and CD’s, available for purchase from the website, will greatly facilitate any students development from absolute beginner to advanced levels.
The Arthur Findlay College in the UK is the ultimate destination point for mediumship education and training. The college runs a series of weekly courses all year long. Here you will find a selection of the world’s most gifted spirit mediums who will guide you forward in your mediumistic enfoldment, helping you to understand the different sources of information, both psychic and spiritual, and how to effectively blend them together to further your mediumship potential.
The Spiritualist National Union website offers valuable links to mediumship training and education open to all members within its governing body, including resource lists of SNU approved healers and mediums.  The SNU umbrellas the Arthur Findlay College and furthers its aim of promoting excellence in mediumship and teaching of spiritualist principles through an award based system.
The foundation does not offer mediumship training or development, but promotes a science based program to test the ability of a specific medium to bring forth information without the use of fraudulent or deceptive means. As a U.S.A. based entity, this runs parallel to the aims and objectives of the S.N.U in offering certification and assessment of mediums, demonstrable of an authentic and measurable level of evidence against stringent criteria and training protocol.
Frank Brown has compiled an excellent web site that details both the work of the world’s leading physical and mental deep trance control mediums while providing a vast array of informative and educational sites. An absolute must for anyone who wishes to extend their working knowledge of the rare and compelling aspects of physical mediumship!
This is a comprehensive and informative site. Apart from listing over 100 mediums worldwide, the website has many pages linking to diverse topics such as spiritual healing, learning, resources, and centres.

Help Websites for those grieving or depressed
A national non-profit, self-help support organisation which acts as a world-wide family of bereaved parents caring for one another through providing valuable heart felt support and friendship. The Compassionate Friends has no membership fees or costs and it does not subscribe to any religious denomination. The website offers links to monthly support group meetings at drop in centres, including grandparents and siblings support; a memorial wall where you may wish to add the photo of your beloved child or sibling; and a remembrance guest book.
The page on this website, which you are directly taken to from this link, offers excellent help and the world’s best advice to cope with bereavement through suicide. Additionally, this is one of the most comprehensive and helpful websites in the world that deals exclusively with depression and its associated conditions. Apart from explaining different types of depression such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and postnatal depression, this site offers a huge list of extensive self help treatments together with articles, videos etc.. Beyond blue is easy to navigate and its mission statement is to prevent depression within the broader Australian community and respond effectively to these needs.
Peter, based in Brisbane’s Western suburbs, offers psychological services for Grief and Loss as part of a caring, person centred approach to therapy
One of the best sites I have discovered that showcases resources useful for both counselors and their clients. This includes valuable links to a diverse range of counseling fields including addiction, grief and anxiety, youth counseling, relationship counseling, as well as art and music therapy.
BabySteps is named after the baby steps that form the long and difficult road to recovery from the loss of a child.

No parent, relative or friend is immune from the pain that results from the loss of a young loved one; this website offers a diverse range of helpful rand compassionate resources including: bereavement sharing rooms for kids, adults and professionals; remembrance rooms for the bereaved where you may add a memorial; bereavement resource rooms that cater not only for the bereaved but relatives, friends and acquaintances of someone who has lost a child and which contain, amongst valuable books to read ,an extensive list of what to say and not to say/ what to do and not to do to support someone who has experienced the loss of a child.
Facing widowhood, especially where there are young children involved, is a heart-breaking and unthinkable scenario. Not only is the mother dealing with her own grief but also having to deal with how this may affect her young ones. This site contains a free downloadable book that was written by Kate Boydell, who was widowed at the age of 33. This book shines in its warm,practical, simple and concise advice and which conveys the feeling that a kindred soul out there does exist; especially in those moments when it feels as if no one could possibly understand. Kate is also the author of Big Hearted Man and Death and How to Survive it. These two books, which are available for purchase on the website, really do reach out and heal.
Loosing a pet , or suffering the illness of a pet, can for many be equally as devastating as loosing a human companion; and yet often unlike the latter there is no-one to turn to or no-one who can understand that this grief can be so deep, raw and real. ‘Petloss’ is a kind, compassionate website that radiates comfort and compassion for pet lovers who are grieving over the death of a pet or an ill pet. The website has many different resources including a chat room, message board, a wide variety of pet loss books, helpful free to download articles (including ‘dealing with the guilt’ ‘grief support writing’ and ‘grief and pet loss’), additional links where you may choose to create your own pet website and link it to this site for free, and also pet loss support group meetings (although these are all primarily in the USA there is always the opportunity to start your own in Australia and again link it to the site so that countless ozzies can benefit). Enjoy the website and know that you are not alone.
Again, this is a highly commendable site whose non profit organizations mission statement is to co-ordinate people suffering from pet bereavement with appropriate counseling according to individual needs. The site contains an extensive list of specialised help categories to click on with many professionally trained volunteers in pet bereavement who can be accessed through the well organised chatrooms.

The site also contains beautiful and comprehensive webpages dealing with the following: euthanasia of a beloved pet, equine euthanasia and a free downloadable brochure; a wonderful children and pet loss support page including age related developmental stages related to the death of a pet; and a tear moving memoriam page (having a good cry can be such a release after and really bring the animals spirit energy close) where you can add your memorial photo or just see the photos of countless others. Happy browsing.
An internet community providing excellent support for the bereaved which offers memorial sites and 50 email support groups that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members participate when they wish and are able to, not at a set time. When one member of a group sends an email message to the group everyone receives a copy. This allows many people to respond with love and care to the thoughts and feelings of an individual, day and night, year-round. All groups are monitored by trained volunteers who make sure the groups are running smoothly. Overall, supervision is provided by Dr Cendra Lynn who is a clinical psychologist and traumatologist.

GriefNet contains links to a sister website called KIDSAID which uniquely supports young children in their grief in two groups under 12 years and from 13 to 18 years. Here young children can share their stories and artwork. There is also an in-depth article, invaluable to all adults supporting children in this process, which describes how young children grieve.
An international not for profit organization whose site provides extensive programs, training and resources for adults to learn how to best help and foster emotional healing among children grieving a loss from a life – altering crisis. Every day children are touched by emotional suffering caused by a death, divorce, deployment of a family member, incarceration of a loved one, or any of a multitude of significant event traumas including natural or man made disasters. This organization gives children and teens the guidance to grieve and grow after such a loss.
Victor Zammitt, a retired lawyer, who has devoted his life to scientific study in order to prove the case for the afterlife, offers a free weekly email newsletter. Apart from discussing the various ways that the spirit world try to contact and move close to their loved ones left behind on the Earth plains, Victor presents many fascinating articles that document the work of mediums past and present. His association with David Thompson, one of the world’s most gifted mediums, brings a wealth of evidence of the continuity of life after death that can be measured objectively. To those who are grieving, unsure about it all or just the open minded sceptics, Victor’s site is an oasis in the desert that brings relief, comfort and joy. Highly recommended reading “ it literally opens doors to other worlds!
Doug Manning, author and publisher, offers books, articles, and videos in the areas of bereavement, nursing homes, care for the aged and funeral services .
This is one of the most comprehensive and helpful websites in the world that deals exclusively with depression and its associated conditions. Apart from explaining different types of depression such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and postnatal depression, this site offers a huge list of extensive self help treatments together with articles, videos etc.. Beyond blue is easy to navigate and its mission statement is to prevent depression within the broader Australian community and respond effectively to these needs.

Astrology is that individual compass that clearly illustrates the forces that influence us throughout the different stages of our lives. This ancient science accurately shows us how our fate is inextricably linked to the positioning of the stars.

We can fight against this, but that is what causes difficulties in our lives to arise. When we understand these forces, we are able to relax into our individual life current and flow downstream into the ocean of life.

From face to face sessions in Hervey Bay, or via phone, Susanna uses her intuitive abilities and many decades of experience to offer a holistic reading. She is widely consulted on topics such as relationships, career, soul purpose, travel, health, or life transitions

Based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, John and Michelle are a husband and wife team who offer various hypnotherapy modalities to cater for a diverse range of clients needs.  These include – weight loss, hypno band, stop smoking, past life regression and spiritual workshops.
In order to locate a reputable hypnotherapist, be sure to check out the following link, and resource tool, to the UK and Ireland’s longest-established hypnotherapist directory.